The Rosary Card | Black
The Rosary Card | Black
The Rosary Card | Black
The Rosary Card | Black
Rosary Prayer Card | The Rosary Card
The Rosary Card | Catholic
The Holy Rosary Card | Catholic Prayer
The Rosary Card | Learn to Pray the Holy Rosary
The Rosary Card | Black

The Rosary Card | Black


The Rosary Card - The Compact, Credit-Card Sized Rosary. 

Picture this: It's a busy day, you're feeling the stress of your relationships, or your career, or the many other problems that our broken world constantly hurls our way. But you remember that you are not made for this world, and you know someone who has conquered it. You slip out your wallet, pull out the Rosary Card, and slip into a quick prayer, meditating on our Lord and reestablishing your dependence on him.

The Rosary Card is a simple, minimalistic, uncomplicated Christian prayer tool that never leaves your side. The Rosary Card is a compact, credit card-sized Rosary that is made to fit in your wallet. It's made from stainless steel, is hard to break, and is easy to pray with. Instead of Rosary beads, you trace each Hail Mary with a purposeful finger hole on the Rosary Card. 

It has 10 small holes around the tool used to pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, and a Christian cross to guide the beginning and end of each Mystery of the Rosary. The symbol in the middle represents the Mother Mary and her relationship with Jesus. 

The Rosary Card is both strong and light, made from thin metal, and about the same size as a standard credit card. Makes a great gift for a Christian Catholic loved one, first communicant, someone new joining the Catholic church, or those on a journey to grow deeper in prayer life. 

Prayer Tool Details
Prayer: The Most Holy Rosary 
Dimensions: 3.375 X 2.125 X .1 inches, fits inside most standard credit card slots
Weight: 1.1 ounces 
Metal: Steel
Color: Powdercoat Black
Finish: Smooth Finish 
Ship Time: Allow 2-3 days to put it in the mail
Love Time: Pretty much for a lifetime.

Free Add-on: Mysteries of the Rosary Cards, available in both English and Spanish. Free set of cards with every purchase. 

Wholesale questions? I'd be happy to chat about it. Send an email to

10% of all profits go to supporting the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Center in Lincoln Nebraska. 

Learn How to Pray the Rosary - Free Printable Resources

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thomas Marten
Making Prayer Practical and Theosis Tactical

This is the perfect everyday rosary to keep on your person. While a traditional rosary is always a win, its not designed in a way that works well for men (stay with me here).

I love my beads but as someone who doesn't carry a purse/murse/satchel it goes in the pocket, bulges, gets tangled, chain grabs a thread, maybe breaks and takes up valuable space in a world that shuns carpenter jeans and cargo shorts.

You know how nail clippers are never there when you need them and you feel like you've buy replacements constantly? Well i find that happening with my beads. I've bought dozens. I intentionally have put them in my car and truck, in my desk, at my reading table, with my camera case, in each suitcase and it still seems like i never can find one.

The previous solution was the rosary ring but as anyone whose tried using on knows - one size fits all fits no one, its not particularly useful for tracking the spike beads, and it still takes up room in a pocket (albeit less) and easy to misplace.

Then there came to me the rosary card. It is perfect for men (probably women too). It is made of metal, is powder coated and is a simple yet functional masculine design. It fits safely and neatly into a wallet which is in our pockets anyway. I never leave home without my wallet and now I never go anywhere without Our Lady's Psalter in my wallet.

This has been a great enhancement to my praying the rosary. While i might prefer a beaded rosary before Mass, using the Rosary card still works well as it doesn't make noise (beads hitting the pew in front of you, etc).

Its great to use on a lunch break, its easy to take along on a hike and its durable.

Buy extras. When i had mine blessed, the priest remarked on it and was excited when i handed one of them to him to keep. 12/10 highly recommend. If I were to do it over again I'd buy a case of them to hand out.

Remember to pray at least one set of mysteries every day!

Katherine Friedman

Sturdy construction, wonderful idea beautifully executed.

Mazy Hudson

I bought this as a Father’s Day gift for my husband and dad. I have to wait to give it to them, but I’ve been praying with these cards secretly, and I love these so much! I’m a slight minimalist, so having something small that I can throw in my pocket or baby bag is super nice. Will be ordering another for me!

Perfect for my Husband

This is a perfect gift for a Catholic Guy

Great for a gift.

Absolutely beautiful!! I can’t wait to gift this!