Funeral Rosary | How to say a Rosary for the Dead

Funeral Rosary | How to say a Rosary for the Dead

Are you preparing for a Rosary for the Dead at a funeral or a wake?

We’ve put together an easy-to-follow guide to help you and your family members prepare for a Rosary for the Dead.
The guide can be printed and copies provided during the wake.

Rosary for the Dead

When saying a Funeral Rosary, there are a few notable differences from a normal daily Rosary.
The main difference is following the Fatima Prayer add the Eternal Rest Prayer.
A Funeral Rosary is led by the priest, with some beginning commentary and prayers for the loved one who has passed away.

The Glorious Mysteries are used while praying a Rosary for the Dead.

Preparing for a Funeral Rosary

If you are preparing for a wake or vigil, we have a few tips to help make the Rosary meaningful to your family.

Provide a guide to follow
For friends or family members who aren’t familiar with the Rosary, it can be uncomfortable. Help them to pray by providing an easy-to-follow guide. We’ve prepared a free Printable PDF below that explains the purpose of the Rosary for the Dead, the prayers used, and a how-to illustration. Print out the guide and bring some with you to the Rosary.

Bring some extra Rosaries
It’s helpful to have a set of beads or our small Rosary Cards to follow along with the Rosary. You should bring along some extra Rosaries to provide to friends and family members. It’s much easier to follow along when you have a physical tool. We suggest our cards as they are easy to carry and hand out.

Speak up
If you know the Rosary well, don’t be afraid to speak up as you pray. A louder voice always will help guide those who aren’t as familiar and it provides a leader to follow along with. What a great way to evangelize as well.

Meditate on the mystery of the resurrection
The glorious mysteries are especially impactful to pray with at a Funeral Rosary. In it we join our suffering and our sadness to Jesus’s. We remember that Jesus was fully human and understands the needs of you, and your loved one. And we end the Rosary with hope, knowing that Jesus has redeemed us and is with the deceased. When you meditate on these mysteries, remember your loved one who has passed away and bring them to Jesus.

A wake and funeral is a sad time, and we mourn the loss of our family and friend.

Praying a Rosary for the Dead is a special way to provide prayers to this loved person, and ask for Jesus to be with them.

Let it be a special reassurance to you and pray the Rosary with hope.

New to the Rosary? We are here to help. Learn how to Pray the Rosary.
Where did the Rosary beads come from? There actually used to be 150.


The Rosary Card - Built For Convenience

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