St Isidore the Farmer

St Isidore, the story of a faithful farmer.

St Isidore the Farmer sets an true example for all the faithful on how to live out our faith in a daily, simple, practice. He's a Catholic saint with a heart for others. 

Saint Isidore the Farmer Catholic

Saint Isidore of Spain

Who was St Isidore?

St Isidore lived in the 11th century and was born into a poor farming family. From the time he was old enough to work, he was a day laborer for Juan de Vargas, a wealthy estate holder in Madrid, Spain. 

Isidore was a simple man who lived a simple life, but he practiced daily the faith and was declared a Saint. 

St Isidore is a great example for the everyday person. Specifically, he modeled practicing the faith in three distinct areas: 

  • He prayed constantly, always starting his day in prayer.
  • He always gave to his neighbor, no matter how much he had.
  • He trusted in the providence of god, regardless of the situation. 

The Miracles of St Isidore the Farmer

The Angels Plowing the Field

Each morning, before starting work, Saint Isidore would take time to attend Mass. Therefore, each day he started work later than his fellow servant workers. The other workers complained to the landowner that Saint Isidore was not doing his fair share of work. When the landowner investigated the worker’s complaints, he was a miracle. Alongside Saint Isidore, he witnessed two angels guiding an additional team of white oxen, plowing next to Isidore. Isidore was getting twice the work done as his fellow companions with the angel's help! When Vargas asked Isidore about this, Isidore responded, “I assure you before God, who I serve as best as I can, that I have not called upon anyone to help me with my work, except God, who I invoke constantly and who is always my help and my fortress.”

The Pot that couldn’t be emptied

Isidore and his wife, Maria de la Cabeza (who also became a saint), where continually generous with what little they had. One night a group of beggars approached is door, hoping to received leftovers from a meal. Isidore when to a pot over the fire, and found that the food had multiplied. He served all those who were in need, and found that the pot never ran out. At the end of the meal Isidore when to the Church of St. Mary Magdalene to thank God for providing for his needs and those of his neighbors. 

The Wolf Attack

When St Isidore was praying in the Church of Saint Mary Magdelene, a group of men rushed into church to warn him that a wolf was outside, attacking his donkey. Saint Isidore responded “My sons, go in peace, God’s will be done.” When he finished praying, he left the church peacefully. He found the attacking wolf dead, and his donkey unharmed. He returned to the church to thank God for his providence. 


St Isidore is a model for a simple, but faithful life. He had an unwavering trust in the lord. He didn’t start any new orders or write any books. He spend the rest of his life as a farmer. He was a model worker, simple and caring person, who lived a life of daily faith practices and devoutly trusted in the Lord. Through that, he became a saint. His feast day is May 15th. 

Ask Saint Isidore to help you develop this same trust in our loving father. 

Saint Isidore, pray for us!

St Isidore the Farmer Shirt

We were inspired by Saint Isidore, and we created a shirt to remind ourselves of his example. The design is the white Oxen, seen plowing next to Isidore, and the sliver Sickle that is often pictured with the Saint. 

 Saint Isidore the Farmer

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