Travel Rosary for Hiking, Camping, and Adventure [Rosary Card]

Travel Rosary for Hiking, Camping, and Adventure [Rosary Card]

The Rosary Card is a perfect solution for Catholic Christians who love to hike, camp, and just travel in general. It's the perfect Travel Rosary. We’ve designed it to focus on convenience and durability, yet to keep the same holy purpose of the prayer in mind. It’s a rosary for hikers, travelers and adventurers.


Travel Rosary

If you are an avid hiker, taking a Rosary on your next trail is a very practical way to unite your leisurely activity with a heavenly purpose. At some point during your hike, take out your Rosary, and your hike changes from an earthly walk to an eternal pursuit. Praying a Rosary while on a hike is a wonderful and easy way to make your trail holy.

Designed to carry with you

The idea for the Travel Rosary Card actually came from the desire to pray the Rosary more often. I had just learned how to pray the Rosary, but was dissatisfied with having to carry beads around in my pocket. I was always frustrated when they, without fail, would end up tangled, or I would just forget them. A Rosary that would fit in your wallet is an easy solution - it’s convenient and you know that you always have it with you.

The Travel Rosary Card

A flat metal Rosary is also easier to use on a hike. It’s lightweight, yet durable, built from steel or copper - about the size of a credit card. Our brushed finish on the cards adds to the rustic, industrial feel. They are durable and meant to be used in daily life - perfect to carry in a pants or backpack pocket on the trail. It's the Rosary built for Backpackers.

Saint John Paul the Great - The Rosary Hiker

When I’m carrying a Rosary on the trail, it reminds me of the practice that Saint John Paul the Great would do on his adventures. Saint John Paul the Great had a love for the outdoors, and the blog photo is of him reclining while camping. In 1993 he took a day off from the World Youth Day activities to hike in the Rockies, taking a Rosary with him. When he was a young priest, he loved taking young people on camping and hiking trips. On these trails, he could often be found lagging behind the group, Rosary in hand, calling down Mary and Jesus to the hike.

You can read more about this great Saint and his devotion to the Rosary in Jason Evert's Book, Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves.

Want to really go on a Rosary hike? Check out the Rosary Trail - the Largest Natural Rosary in the world - Located in Slovenia.

Be Prepared for Prayer with the Travel Rosary Card

Each Rosary Card comes individually wrapped along with a free set of Mysteries of the Rosary card, so you’re ready to pray at all times when you carry it, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

New to praying the Rosary? Check out our beginners guide here.

The next time you are on the trail, take the Rosary with you. Make your adventure a holy one.


The Rosary Card - Built For Convenience

As you learn to pray the Rosary, check out our Rosary Cards. They are designed for convenience (same size as a Credit Card) and make it much easier to pray the Rosary often. 

See more options here.



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