The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Copper
The Rosary Card | Catholic Prayers
The Rosary Card | The Wallet Rosary
Rosary Card | Everyday Prayer

The Rosary Card | Copper


The Rosary Card - The Compact, Credit-Card Sized Rosary. 

Please note - this is a brushed finish card, you'll likely see a non-uniform face with some unpatterned markings and colorations. It's designed to give each card an industrial and unique look. If you are looking for a consistent gloss look, please check out our gloss-colored rosaries

Picture this: It's a busy day, you're feeling the stress of your relationships, or your career, or the many other problems that our broken world constantly hurls our way. But you remember that you are not made for this world, and you know someone who has conquered it. You slip out your wallet, pull out the Rosary Card, and slip into a quick prayer, meditating on our Lord and reestablishing your dependence on him.

The Rosary Card is a simple, minimalistic, uncomplicated Christian prayer tool that never leaves your side. The Rosary Card is a compact, credit card-sized Rosary that is made to fit in your wallet. It's made from thin Copper Metal, is hard to break, and easy to pray with. Instead of Rosary beads, you trace each Hail Mary with a purposeful finger hole on the Rosary Card. 

It has 10 small holes around the tool used to pray a decade of the Holy Rosary, and a Christian cross to guide the beginning and end of each Mystery of the Rosary. The symbol in the middle represents the Mother Mary and her relationship with Jesus. 

The Rosary Card is both strong and light, made from thin metal, and about the same size as a standard credit card. Makes a great gift for a Christian Catholic loved one, first communicant, someone new joining the Catholic church, or those on a journey to grow deeper in prayer life. 

Prayer Tool Details
Prayer: The Most Holy Rosary 
Dimensions: 3.375 X 2.125 X .1 inches, fits inside most standard credit card slots
Weight: 1.1 ounces 
Metal: Copper
Finish: Brushed Finish 
Ship Time: Allow 2-3 days to put it in the mail
Love Time: Pretty much for a lifetime

Free Add-on: Mysteries of the Rosary Cards, available in both English and Spanish. Free set of cards with every purchase. 

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10% of all profits go to supporting the Matt Talbot Kitchen and Outreach Center in Lincoln Nebraska. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jake Mattox
Very Pleased

When I saw this product come across my Facebook I knew I wanted it in my wallet. The copper rosary card is beautiful, heavy duty, and a constant reminder for me to keep Good at the forefront of my day! This is the best prayer tool I’ve found on the internet and it’s helping me reconnect with the Rosary!

Kristin Ty
Beautifully crafted. Thank you!

After a 60 day trip by sea, I finally got my Rosary Cards. It was worth the wait. They are beautifully crafted. I am very happy to always have a rosary that is easy to carry and always nearby to use during the day. Thank you Brennan and Everyday Prayer Co.

Great Product

I love my rosary card! It’s well made sturdy and always with me just in case I forget my rosary or don’t have anywhere to put it! The addition of the mysteries on small wallet sized cards was an excellent surprise! I’m very happy with mine and will most definitely order more in the future.

A Modern Rosary

I love this new take on the Rosary. I've never had something so easy to carry with me and to pray with. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand, and it's easy to use with only one hand. I find myself using it as I walk to work or on a walk during my lunch break. I'm a big fan!

I love the Copper One

The Copper has a very unique finish that makes it feel like one of a kind. This is a very special Rosary.