Pink Rosary Gifts

5 Pink Rosaries to give as gifts!

The Rosary is a powerful prayer tool and today they come in all shapes and styles. We've picked out five of our favorite pink versions. A pink Rosary is a great reminder of the traits of the Mary: graceful, kind, gentle, and strong. These make great gifts or a daily rosary for yourself. 


The Pastel Pink Rosary Card 

Everyday Prayer Co 

We couldn't help but start with our own - The Pastel Pink Rosary Card. The Rosary Card is designed to be able to fit into your wallet or purse. It's a Rosary that you'll always have with you, and you'll never have to worry about tangled beads. Comes in other colors too, see more options here.

Pink RosaryShop the Pastel Pink Rosary Card 


Immaculate Heart Pink Rosary 

West Coast Catholic

The Immaculate Heart Rosary from West Coast Catholic is a beautiful soft-pink Rosary that is part of their Heart Collection, a collection of rosaries inspired by the Holy Hearts of the Holy Family. 

Pink RosaryShop the Immaculate Heart Rosary

The St. Joan of Arc Rosary

House of Joppa

"I am not afraid, I was born to do this." The Saint Joan of Arc Rosary was inspired by this saints heroic trust. Pray with a rosary dedicated to her and let her inspire your faith. 

The First Communion Pink Rosary

Sisters of Carmel

The Pink Rosary from the Sisters of Carmel is a beautiful rosary designed to be given as a first communion gift. It's handmade to order and your purchase supports the Sisters of Carmel's community. 

Pink Rosary

The Heart Single Decade Rosary

Merry and Luminious

We love this cute mini heart single decade Rosary from Merry and Luminious. It's a beutiful reminder of the goodness of Mary's heart. 

Pink Rosary


Need a Rosary to get started? Check out our Wallet Rosary Cards. It'll make sure you are never without the Rosary.

Get inspired by our daily Rosary quotes: Instagram

And don't forget about our free Rosary Guide Download. Keep Praying! 

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