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Saint Dominic Shirt | The Dogs of the Lord!

“The dogs of the Lord” Part of our Catholic Street Apparel line, we've created a Saint Dominic Shirt to honor and inspired by the great saint! 

About Saint Dominic

Saint Dominic, the patron saint of the Dominican Republic, the falsely accused, and Astronomers, was a man who loved the Rosary, and is very responsible for helping it become as popular as it is today. For the model that St. Dominic provides to Christians and his love of the Rosary, he's inspired our first shirt design. 

St. Dominic

The Marian Psalter, the Rosary Prototype 

Saint Dominic lived in 12 century, became a priest, and went onto found an order of preachers, the Dominicans. The Dominican's were preachers, and sent on a campaign to combat the spread of Albigensians, a heretical group that taught that anything physical was evil, and only the spiritual was good. The Dominicans traveled from town to town, preaching the truths of Christianity. 

When St. Dominic was preparing for his preaching trip, he went away on a retreat for fasting and prayer. It was during this retreat, that Mary appeared to him and instructed him to preach the Marian Psalter. 

The Marian Psalter, which was already being used by many groups, was an early form of the Rosary. This included 150 Hail Mary's and started using mysteries focused on the incarnation, the passion, and the triumph of her son. 

St. Dominic was a champion for the Psalter, and spread its use throughout Europe. 

Love of the poor 

He was also a model for providing for the poor. 

When he grew up, Dominic was educated in Palencia. He studied theology and the arts, spending ten total years studying. He was known as a fantastic student by his teachers.

When he was 21 years old, a famine struck Spain, leaving many of Spain’s population out on the streets with nothing to their name. In response to seeing the poverty in the streets of the city, Dominic sold everything he owned. He sold the furniture out of his house and the clothes off of his back. With the money he received in exchange for his worldly possessions, he bought food for the homeless of Spain.

Despite his love for his studies, Dominic also sold his manuscripts that he used to study. When his fellow students asked him why he did not keep what he needed for his education, he responded, “Would you have me study from these dead skins when people are dying of hunger?”


The Story behind the design of the Saint Dominic Shirt

The design of the Saint Dominic shirt was inspired by a vision that St. Dominic's Mother had of him. 

Saint Dominic was born in 1170. His parents were Felix Guzman and Juanna of Aza. Before conceiving Dominic, the couple experienced infertility. Juanna took a pilgrimage to the Abbey at Silos, and there she received a vision.

In the vision, she saw a dog leap from her womb. The dog was carrying a flaming torch and Juanna said that the dog “seemed to set the earth on fire.”

Later in his life, Dominic went on to found the Dominican order – Dominicanus in the Latin translation. The order’s name is seen on a play on words. Domini Canis is Latin for “Dogs of the Lord.”

In his time, the men and women of the Christian faith were led away from the Truth by false teachers and heresies running rampant through the Church.

Dominic and his brother priests infiltrated Catholic Universities of the would to dispel these lies and draw the faithful back to full authentic discipleship with our Lord Jesus.

St. Dominic, Pray for us! 


The Saint Dominic "Dogs of the Lord" T-Shirt 

Saint Dominic Shirt

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Saint Dominic Shirt

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Saint Dominic Shirt

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Prayer of St. Dominic 

"May God the Father, who made us, bless us. May God the Son, who redeemed us, send healing into our midst.
May God the Holy Spirit, who gives us life, move within us.

May God give us eyes to see to God, ears to hear God, and hands to bring God’s work into the world.

May we walk with God and preach the word of God to all.
May the angel of peace watch over us and lead us at last by God's grace to the eternal Kingdom."


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