The Credit Card Rosary - A Rosary that Fits in your Wallet!

The Credit Card Rosary - A Rosary that Fits in your Wallet!

The Rosary Card, from the Everyday Prayer Co, is a Rosary that can actually fit in your wallet. 

It’s a Credit Card Rosary, in that it is the same size as a standard credit card, and fits cleanly into the slots in your wallet or purse. We’ve reimagined the classic Catholic prayer tool, into something that you’ll always have with you. It’s the same venerable, holy, powerful prayer, but in a form that is super convenient. 



You’ll always have the Rosary with you. 

One of the best ways to pray the Rosary more often, is to carry the Rosary with you. But a rolled up beaded Rosary is not always the most convenient item to carry. The Rosary Card has been designed with convenience as the top priority and fits into something we carry all the time, your wallet. 

It’s the exact same size as a credit card, and neatly fits into the sleeves in your wallet. 

Now when you have a time of waiting - a red light, a waiting room at the doctors office, a line at the coffeeshop - can be made holy by slipping out your Rosary Card, and praying the Holy Rosary. 

No more tangled beads. 

Rosary beads have a tendency to get tangled or even break when carried around in your pocket. The Rosary Card is an easy solution to avoid tangled beads. 

This is especially helpful when you need to bring a large number of Rosaries - maybe for a class or a bible study. The Rosary Cards can be stacked and a large number can be easily carried. 

The Rosary built for travel. 

The Rosary Card is the ultimate card built for travel and adventures. It’s very light, easy to pack, and durable enough to withstand a great excursion. We’ve already had many customers take our Rosary on hikes and pray just like Saint John Paul the Great used to pray. 

Durable and Convenient.

The best part of the Rosary Card is that it is going to last. It’s made out of .032 in thick sheet steel or copper, making it about the same thickness as a credit card. It does not feel flimsy and it will not bend. It’s made to last for years and you can be confident it’s something to carry with you for a long time. 


You’ll find that the Credit Card Rosary is a great Rosary to help you or a loved one grow in your devotion to prayer.


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