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A Rosary For Men - Great Rosaries Gifts for Catholic Men

Finding gifts for men is hard, especially the Catholic man in your life. A Rosary is a great gift, especially when it’s a Rosary that is build to fit the masculine qualities of a man in your life. 

Whether you are shopping for a loved one or for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Rosaries for men from a variety of companies. Thank you for supporting these small businesses! 

Rosaries for Men - Number 1 

The Rosary Card, From Everyday Prayer Co. 

We couldn’t start this list without mentioning our Rosary Card. We may be a bit bias, but we think our Rosary Card is uniquely fit towards men. 

The Rosary Card is a small metal card that fits in your wallet. We took the Rosary Beads, and reimagined it to fit into a wallet. The same size as a credit card, but made out of steel or copper, the Rosary Card is designed for convenience and durability. Men don’t often carry much more than a wallet, and now the Rosary can be something easy to carry as well. You’ll always have it with you. 

The Rosary Card comes in a variety of colors and metal types. Men especially love the Copper Rosary Card. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 2

The Copper and Jasper Rosary, From Oklahoma Rosaries

This Etsy Shop makes beautiful handmade Rosaries and has several designs that are especially aimed towards men. Each comes with a small carry bag. The Copper and Jasper Rosary is especially beautiful as the grey stone contrasts with the dark copper. 


Rosaries for Men - Number 3

The Malachite Rosary, From Oklahoma Rosary 

We couldn’t move on without mentioning one more Rosary from this shop. The Malachite Rosary is absolutely beautiful. The Green stone is stunning when you see it in person, and is something you’ll really treasure. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 4

Olive Wood Pocket Rosaries, From The Good Thief Co

Similar to the Rosary Card, this smaller Rosary is a great tool to carry with you each day. When you carry the Rosary with you everywhere you go, it’s much easier to pray the Rosary more often, and make holy those periods of waiting. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 5 

Leather knotted Rosary, From Twin Hearts Design

This small Rosary is beautiful in color and the leather cord gives it a unique yet comfortable feel. We like how easy this one is to carry as well. If you man carries leather products (Wallet/briefcase), this would be a great addition to his daily items. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 6

Lug Nut Rosary, From Paracord Rosaries 

Maybe not the most beautiful rosary, but if you are looking for practicality look no further. This Rosary would make a great fit for the man who loves the garage or perhaps works in an industrial job. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 7 

Wooden Bracelet Rosary, From Andavy Gifts

Finding jewelry for men is difficult, but a wooden Rosary bracelet could work! The beads are actually a full rosary that is worn as a bracelet. The beads and icons can be customized as well to give it a masculane look. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 8

Irish Penal Minimalist Rosary, from Early Prayer Rosaries

This Rosary has a unique history. The Irish Penal Rosary (Irish: An Paidrín Beag) was a single-decade rosary used in Ireland when Roman Catholicism and its religious objects were forbidden. This version of the rosary is easily hidden, allowing devout Roman Catholics to pray with less fear of being detected. Great for Irish men! 

Rosaries for Men - Number 9 

Blackout Paracord Pocket Rosary, From Mary’s Ropes of Hope

This is a very simple yet beautiful Rosary that is easy to carry. It’s also very affordable and can make a great stocking stuffer or out of the ordinary gift. 

Rosaries for Men - Number 10

Leather Rosary Pouch, From Amish Leather

While technically not a Rosary, we wanted to add a wonderful Rosary Pouch to the list. This is a great addition to your Rosary Gift, and these high-quality pouches can be customized with initials as well. 

Thank you for reading, and we hope you found a Men’s Rosary to meet the needs of the men in your life, God Bless! 


The Rosary Card - Built For Convenience

As you learn to pray the Rosary, check out our Rosary Cards. They are designed for convenience (same size as a Credit Card) and make it much easier to pray the Rosary often. 

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