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Unique Rosaries | 5 of our favorite Rosary Gifts

The Rosary is a wonderful and powerful prayer, and many Catholics have made it part of their daily prayer life. If you are looking to purchase a new Rosary for yourself, or maybe as a gift for a loved one, you may be interested in looking at some unique, special, and little-known rosaries. Here's a quick list of the five unique rosaries, we hope they will help you or a loved one pray this powerful prayer! 

Wallet Rosary

Bonus! The Rosary Card

I couldn't make this list and leave our unique Rosary. The Rosary Card was built with convenience in mind and is made to fit inside a wallet. No tangled beads here, this is the easiest Rosary to always have with you.

Shop the Rosary Card Here


The Rosary Ring | Everyday Prayer Co

1. Rosary Ring

A Rosary Ring is a beautiful way to always carry the Rosary with you, and can be used as a daily representation of your faith. I love the design of the one pictured from the Carmelite Sisters in Colorado Springs. This one comes in a range of metals as well, from Sterling Silver all the way to 14K gold!

Shop the Sisters of Carmel Rosary Ring


The Wedding Rosary | Everyday Prayer Co

2. The Marriage Rosary

In need of a gift for a newly-wed couple? The Marriage Rosary is a great fit. This is actually two Rosaries joined by one Miraculous medal. It's designed for the couple to pray together, side by side. This particular Rosary is made by Saint Benedicts Abby from Kansas and they use a 'ladder' design which make the Rosary even stronger.

Shop the Saint Benedicts Abbey Marriage Rosary Here


The Rosary | Everyday Prayer

3. The Sea of Galilee Unique Rosary

The Sea of Galilee Rosary, from West Coast Catholic, is one of the most beautiful sets of Rosary beads I've come across. Each Rosary is handmade by this small shop. This Rosary is named specifically for the Sea where Jesus acted so many of his miracles: feeding the 5000, walking on water, calling out his first apostles.

Shop West Coast Catholic


Wall Rosary | Everyday Prayer Co

4. Vatican Wall Rosary

A Wall Rosary is a unique way to decorate your home and a simple action to remind your family and guests of our faith. They are extra large and can be draped along a wall or hung on a hanger like the one pictured. This is a wood and metal one that comes from the Vatican itself. You can even get it blessed by Pope Benedict!

Shop the Vatican's Wall Rosary



Saint Joseph Rosary | Rosary Card Everyday Prayer Co


5. Saint Joseph Unique Rosary

This year, Pope Francis declared it the year of Saint Joseph, and encouraged Christians to pray to to him. A great way to do that, is to pray a Rosary to him. There are a few adjustments to the traditional prayer that helps us honor this great saint. If you aren't sure how to pray it, here's a great video on how to pray the Saint Joseph Rosary. Though not required for the prayer, a Saint Joseph Rosary is an additional way to help us pray to Stain Joseph. I really like this one from the Ghirelli Family.

Shop the Saint Joseph Rosary

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