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The 7 Best Rosary Prayer Youtube Videos

Wanting to learn more about the Rosary? To go deeper in your understanding? To learn to pray the Rosary more often? Or just looking to have a video to along-side pray with? I've put together a list of the best Rosary  Prayer videos from Youtube that help explain what the Rosary is, how to pray it, and tools to help you pray the Holy Rosary more often.

These are only picked based on my opinion, did I miss a good one? Let me know!

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Videos to learn about the Rosary Prayer on Youtube

What is the Rosary | Made for Glory


Father Michael shares a personable overview of what the Rosary is, where it came from, and what the purpose of the holy prayer is. This is an easy video start with if you are new to the Rosary or teaching someone else what the Rosary Prayer is.


Fr. Don Calloway, MIC: The Rosary: Spiritual Sword of Our Lady

Franciscan University of Steuenville

When I first was learning about the Rosary, one of my friends told me that I needed to watch this video. He was right. I haven't found a video that illustrates the power of the Rosary Prayer as well as Father Calloway does in this address at the University of Steubenville Students. The Father uses very vivid stories to explain that the Rosary is not simply a set of beads, but a Christian sword. This is a must watch!


Why I Pray the Rosary

Ascension Presents

In the first of a couple of videos from Ascension Presents on this list (I love the content Ascension Presents is creating), Catholic Speaker Matt Fradd talks about his own personal discovery of the Rosary, and how it has become a powerful part of his prayer life. "It's like a bible study on beads," is my favorite line from his explanation of why he loves the Holy Rosary.


Videos to learn how to pray the Rosary Prayers on Youtube

How to Pray the Rosary

Catholic Online

This is a good video to understand the 'mechanics' of the Rosary: what prayer to pray on what bead. I found this to be a great introduction to the Rosary, especially as it explains what we are asking for when we pray the Rosary: the intercession of Mary. Deacon Keith Fournier does a wonderful job explaining each of the prayers as he walks through the mechanics.


How to REALLY Pray the Rosary

Ascension Presents

Father Mark-Mary lays out how to go beyond just the words in the Rosary Prayer. The Rosary is not just a recitation of words, it's a prayer on the contemplated the life of Jesus. This is a really good video to watch if the Rosary is starting to feel like a dry or boring prayer. Father Mark-Mary is also one of my Rosary role-models


Videos to pray the Rosary Prayers along with on Youtube

Pray-Along: Rosary, Glorious Mysteries

The God Minute

In this video, from The God Minute, a 10-minute prayer podcast, Lauren Palm walks through the Glorious Mysteries. She's also uploaded videos for the other mysteries of the Rosary as well. Since most of the videos on this list are of men, I thought this was a great video for young women wanting someone to pray with.


Pray with Us: The Holy Rosary

Ascension Presents

My favorite video to pray with is with Father Mark-Mary and Brother Malachy from Ascension Presents. I frequently prayed alongside this video as I was learning how to pray the Rosary. I even wrote a full blog on how I view the brothers as "Rosary role models" for the example they set as they pray. The brothers come across that authentic and personable, when I pray with them it feels like I'm sitting next to them in the room. It's a video that makes it easy to pray the Rosary.

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