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10 Easy Tips to Pray the Rosary Daily [Guide for busy Catholics]

I am trying to say the Rosary more often. But like any new practice in faith, it takes time and commitment to turn that desire into a habitual part of my daily prayer. Especially when trying to pray the Rosary Daily. 

To help this, I brainstormed ten tips to pray the Rosary everyday. Some are simple to implement, some require you to be a little bit of a multi-taker. And please don't wreck your car if you give the driving tip a go.

Regardless, give the tips a try! And let me know how they helped you. New to the Rosary? Check out our how-to guide

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Rosary Daily

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My Disclaimer:

The list below includes a couple of suggestions that some Catholics won't like as suggestions. They would argue that if you are busying yourself with a task, then you are not praying the Rosary very well. Without focusing single-mindedly on the Rosary, you will be distracted and not really meditate as you should.

My first counter-argument to that comes from Saint Paul, who in his letter to the Thessalonians, asked Christians to "pray without ceasing." An ask that can only be achieved by bringing prayer into our daily lives, not stopping our life to pray. Reciting the Rosary can be a way to sanctify our daily responsibilities and tasks. 

And my second counter-argument comes in the example of Saint John Paul the Great. Saint John Paul loved the Rosary, and described it as his 'favorite prayer.' When he was a priest, he frequently took his students on camping and hiking trips. On these trips, he was often found following up the pack with a Rosary in hand, reciting the prayers has he hiked. If John Paul prayed the Rosary while hiking, I'll argue my suggestions are fitting as well.

You should still commit a specific time each day solely to prayer - but the tips below provide additional ways to bring prayer into your life.


10 Tips to Pray the Rosary Daily

Say the Rosary while driving in your car

Instead of turning on another podcast or radio station, I've found that taking a few minutes of my drive to pray the Rosary is very helpful. Whenever I've got a meeting across town, or I'm in the middle of a long road trip, praying the Rosary is a great use of my time in the car. (This also significantly cuts down on my frustration or road rage)


Pray the Rosary Daily during your waiting periods

When we were waiting to board a plane recently, a friend of mine asked if I had any prayer intentions as he took out his Rosary beads. What a wonderful opportunity to pray as we waited! Think about how often we are waiting - our daily commute, in line at the grocery store, in the drive-thru, etc. Each is an opportunity to recite at least one decade!


End Mass with the Rosary

Ending your time in Mass by praying the Rosary is a wonderful way to close the Mass. Just after taking the Eucharist is a holy time to ask for Mary to help you as you go out into the world.


End your adoration time with the Rosary

A simple way to close your adoration is to pray the Rosary. I've found that it provides closure to my prayer and entrusts the time in adoration to Mary who takes it right to Jesus. 


Pray the Rosary Daily when you are doing a mundane or repetitive task

Whenever your brain is 'off' during a mindless task, it's an opportunity to bring those thoughts to prayer. Doing the laundry, mowing the lawn, painting a wall, vacuuming, even filling out a spreadsheet can be sanctified by praying the Rosary. This is a great practice to do each day. We have daily tasks, turn them into a daily Rosary. 


Pray the Rosary as you walk to work

Any sort of daily commute - driving, riding or walking - is a perfect time to pray the Rosary. Our Rosary Cards are very easy to carry!


Pray the Rosary at lunch

I'm a big fan of using your lunch break as a "pause and recommit" time of your day. Adding a Rosary Daily at the end of your lunch allows you to refocus and bring Mary and Jesus with you the rest of the day.


Pray it right before or after a big meeting or important part of your day

If I'm being conservative, a Rosary takes about 20 minutes to pray. Most of the time I find it takes less than 15. If your place of work allows, schedule in an extra 15 minutes before or after a meeting to privately pray a Rosary. This is a beautiful opportunity to re-set yourself after a potentially stressful time in your day. Closing the door to your office or going out to pray in your car reminds us that whatever happened in the meeting is of small significance to who you are and what you are called to.


Make the Rosary a Sunday ritual

If you are just starting to pray the Rosary more often, a great way to start to make it a part of your prayer life is to make add it as a Sunday ritual. Sundays are a special day for the Church, and we should honor this day of rest with prayer. Praying an afternoon Rosary, or a Rosary on Sunday evenings is a great tip. I know a group that gets together for "Rosary on the Rocks" each Sunday night which includes a glass of whiskey and a community recitation of the Rosary.


Make the Rosary Daily part of your evening/morning routine

Many great leaders stick to specific evening and morning routines that set them up well for the day. Adding a Rosary will remind you where to focus during your working hours. Can't sleep? A Daily Rosary is a great way to give your worries and thoughts to Mary so you can get to bed.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Want to learn more? Here are 3 more tips to get better at not leaving your Rosary until the end of the day, and here are 50 powerful quotes from Saints about the Rosary. 


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Rosary Daily

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