Pray the Rosary Everyday

How to Pray the Rosary Everyday | Stop leaving the Rosary until the end of your day!

Pray the Rosary Everyday!

“You always leave the Rosary for later, and you end up not saying it at all because you are sleepy. —If there is no other time, say it in the street without letting anybody notice it. It will, moreover, help you to have presence of God.” - St. Josemaria Escriva

Saint Josemaria knew the power of the Rosary, and he wrote about it extensively. But if you are like me, you often struggle to make the Rosary part of your every day life. It's a constant challenge to put the busyness of your day on pause, and enter into prayer. To often, I've found myself leaving the Rosary until the end of the day, and as Saint Josemaria illustrates, it doesn't get said at all.

Pray the Rosary Everyday

This post is about three friendly suggestions that might help to make a devotion to the Rosary a habitual part of your prayer life. Let's turn that 'want' to pray the Rosary into an 'actual' daily prayer. Let's stop leaving the Rosary until the end of the day! 

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No. 1 Pray it on a walk.

Let me say first, that the best way to pray the Rosary is to set apart a specific time in your day to sit quietly and focus only on the prayer. This is the best environment (especially in a church) to be able to meditate as you pray. But for many of us, it's going to take steps to get to this practice. As Saint Josemaria illustrates, a great way to start is to pray it on walk in the street.

Simply take a 15-minute walk at some point in your day, and take the Rosary with you. I love that Saint Josemaria tells us to say it in secret, without anyone knowing it. You'll be surrounded by unknown houses, buildings, and strangers, but be calling to our Lord. What a cool way to bring down Mary and her son to be with you on your walk. I encourage you attempt to mediate on the images of mysteries of the Rosary as you walk. Think about the Holy Spirit descending in front of you, or the stations of the cross occurring in the street to your left. Praying the Rosary with this imagination brings the mysteries to real life.

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No. 2 Pray it on your commute.

A very tangible way to pray the Rosary is to connect it to something you already do every day: your commute to work. You can discreetly pray the prayers as you ride, drive, or walk. When I brought the Rosary to my commute, I've found that it this practice orients my working day to the good. Instead of letting my restless mind jump to the list of tasks and business that awaits me, the Rosary reorders my mindset and properly orientates the purpose of my work to the Lord.

Furthermore, since your commute occurs at the beginning and end of your day, adding the Rosary to one of those times allows you to go into your day or into your evening practicing the presence of our Lord. Our Lord is always with us, but it's a special route of prayer to practice being aware and present to him each moment. Starting your day with a Rosary on your drive will help you go into your work day looking for opportunities to bring the Lord with you. Praying the Rosary on your walk home allows you to go into your evening or time with family with a mindset of knowing the Lord is by your side.

No. 3 Pray it during lunch.

Another opportunity to tie the Rosary to a daily occurrence is to say it as part of your lunch. Lunch happens everyday, and this is an easy way to ensure the Rosary is prayed each day. Simply take 15 minutes at the beginning or end of your lunch to pray the Rosary. I've walked out to my car or closed the door of my office to create a space to privately pray. Know someone else at work who is Catholic? Invite them to pray it with you.

A great benefit of praying the Rosary at lunch is it creates a useful 'pause' in your day. You've been through a busy morning of tasks and meetings, and the Rosary creates and opportunity for you pause and reconnect to our Lord. This pause can be a mini examination of conscious and reminds you the purpose of what you are doing and who you really are. Use the pause to be a Christian as you work.

A Warning.

I hope these suggestions are a practical way for you to pray this holy prayer more often and make it a big part of your faith life. In all of these, be careful that this doesn't become a useless routine prayer. Saint Josemaria illustrates, "a sad way of not praying the Rosary is to leave it for the end of the day. If you say it when going to bed, it will be done at best badly and with no meditation on the mysteries. It will be difficult then to avoid routine, which is what drowns true piety, the only piety worth the name."

As you use these practical ideas to turn the Rosary into a habit, put yourself on warning to not mindlessly mouth the words on your walk or commute. Need more ideas? Here are 10 more ways to make the Rosary part of your daily habit. 

Remember the power of the Rosary and take the prayer seriously each time you pray it. Now go and pray the Rosary!


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