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One easy way to pray the Rosary Everyday [Save it on your phone]

Praying the rosary often is a challenge, especially when you are just starting to make it part of your regular faith routine. Here’s an easy way to pray the Rosary everyday, or atleast more often! 

How to Pray the Rosary everyday? Start with a video!

Follow along with the Brothers from the Christians of the Renewal, Fr Mark-Mary and Brother Malachy.

I’ve written about this video before, and how these holy men are role models for saying the Rosary. Praying along this video is an easy way to get used to praying the Rosary and feel like you are praying with someone. 

The two men switch off who is leading the Rosary, and it is easy to choose one to pray with and follow along with them. It feels like your praying in community and it helps to make sure you don’t rush through the prayer or forget where you are at. 

Pray the Rosary Everyday: Get it on your Phone

The easy way to make sure you pray it more often? Make sure the video is saved on your phone. 

If you have an iPhone, you can save the video so that it looks like an app on your home Screen. 

Pray the Rosary Everyday

Brennan's Home Screen

How to save it: 

Step 1. Go to your Safari app. (You have to be in the Safari app for this to work)

Step 2. Search for “Pray with us Rosary Ascension Presents” or click on this link. Click on the Ascension Media link and it will bring you to the video. Make sure your are on the page, and not on the Youtube. 

Pray the Rosary Everyday

Ascension Media Pray with Us: The Holy Rosary


Step 3. Click the Share button at the bottom of Safari (looks like an Arrow coming out of a box) and click the “Add to Home Screen” Button. 

Pray the Rosary Everyday

Add to Home Screen


Step 4. And that’s it, you should now see the Ascension Media Logo that looks like an app on your home screen. When you want to pray the Rosary, simply click on that link and it will bring you right to that video. 

My suggestion? Make sure that this app is somewhere you’ll see it often, like maybe next to your Instagram or Facebook apps. Seeing it often will remind you to pray it often! 

We hope that helps, pray the Rosary! 

Getting started Praying the Rosary? Here are some helpful links to do that more often. 

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The Rosary Card - Built For Convenience

As you learn to pray the Rosary, check out our Rosary Cards. They are designed for convenience (same size as a Credit Card) and make it much easier to pray the Rosary often. 

See more options here.


Please let me know how your journey with the Rosary is going, I'd love to hear from you. Send me a message an email at:

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