Mass Journal
Mass Journal - Why you should start one!

By Brennan Costello on Nov 20, 2020

The Mass is the primary way that we Christians are purposed to worship. It's meant to be a holy time to give to God and to let God speak to us. However... this is holy time can often be overridden with distr...

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Leaving the Rosary until the end of the day | Rosary
Stop leaving the Rosary until the end of your day - 3 Easy Prayer Tips

By Brennan Costello on Oct 16, 2020

“You always leave the Rosary for later, and you end up not saying it at all because you are sleepy. —If there is no other time, say it in the street without letting anybody notice it. It will, moreover, hel...

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The Mysteries of the Rosary Catholic Rosary
What are the Mysteries of the Rosary? [Guide to Praying the Mysteries]

By Brennan Costello on Jul 10, 2020

Table of Contents The Mysteries Of The Rosary The Joyful Mysteries The Sorrowful Mysteries The Glorious Mysteries The Luminous Mysteries How to memorize the Mysteries of the Rosary Printable PDF - The ...

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